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Program: Individual internships
Extra: Issuing the invitation for visa

27 ноября, 2015

Tired of western Europe, their similar cultures, plenty of wrong stereotypes about Russia and full of desire to take something new from life – that are the reasons of my decision to move to Saint Petersburg! I am Gytis and I name myself as a traveler who enjoys new challenges and experiences. I guess it is needed to mention that this year I had two options for my internship placements, which were Miami and Saint Petersburg. Most of people called me crazy, but I chosen second one and I am pretty sure that I would never regret it. Need to prove my words so I will set forth my facts:

Workplace experience
Totally different market experience, which leads me to innovative thinking and broaden my horizons from career perspective.
Totally new tasks, which I never tried in 3 European countries.
Expanded professional network.
Improved Russian language skills.
Travel experience
Explored the most beautiful city in Europe — Saint Petersburg.
Explored the biggest city in Europe — Moscow.
Fulfilled the dream – attending in FC Zenit’s football game.
Food quality was very good in Russia comparing with other European countries.
Again improved Russian language skills.
In terms of ProfIntern, there is nothing much to say, my evaluation is 5/5. Maria did the best in all cases and all the things in terms of administration were very easy for me. To sum up, I think that Russia has something to offer for all travelers, but its beauty is different. Many people confidently say that Russia is uninteresting and banal, but I’m the few who sympathize with this culture, social values and the magnificent history.

Gytis Brazdeikis (Lithuania)
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