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My experience with ProfIntern

Program: Individual internships

10 августа, 2018

I contacted ProfIntern in order to find an internship in Moscow (in a very specific field of migration and politics): I was fortunate to be able to do an internship at one of the socio-political research institutes under the supervision of the Director of the institute.

I am studying Politics and Security at UCL and one of the pathways of my specialization is immigration. The internship company gave me the opportunity to meet many migrations specialists and experts on demographic issues.

Moreover, I was able to receive a very effective scientific input on migration issues in Moscow with all the meetings with collaboratives and colleagues from the company. I had the chance to assist few analysts on case studies concerning integration of specific communities in Moscow.

Last but not least I attended with my colleague a few conferences at MGY (Moscow State University) and she has also been a precious help for my work.

I was very delighted to get such an opportunity of Internship in a prestigious scientific research institute. All the analysts and scientific teams were very welcoming and always willing to help me.

I would like to thank Profintern for such astonishing opportunity!

I am extremely grateful to all the team of Profintern who was answering very fast and demonstrated a great efficiency regarding internship opportunities for their clients.

Nikita Billier (France)
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