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My experience with ProfIntern

Program: Individual internships
Extra: Accommodation search, Issuing the invitation for visa, Information site-set

7 июля, 2018

Except for accommodation which could have been better, my experience was amazing. I liked a lot both living in Moscow and working for the company. Particularly, I worked as a marketing intern for a start-up related to 3D scanning, AI, and fashion tech. Throughout my internship, I was responsible for developing the new website of the company, providing versions in different languages and doing marketing research as well as helping in assembling the product. I particularly enjoyed the variety of tasks I was asked to complete — it was never boring. Also, the team was great. All my colleagues were Russian, they let me feel part of the company from the very first day and helped me to settle in the company and in the city too. Thanks to them I had a full immersion in the culture: they told me many things about customs, lifestyle, habits — even brought me some gifts. Even though the workload was high and it required sometimes extreme working hours, we always faced the difficulties as a team — that’s why I loved working with them.
This internship allowed me to experience a real work environment, I learnt how to use tools I’ve never worked with and definitely expanded my mindset, as I learnt how to face difficulties and solve problems in sometimes unusual ways.

Staying in Russia also broke all the stereotypes I had before living in Moscow. Russia is sometimes seen as a troublesome country and people are considered impolite and narrow-minded. This is definitely not true. I’ve always met nice, open-minded, friendly people who were eager to help me even though I couldn’t speak Russian and they couldn’t speak English (in the subway, streets, restaurants, shops). When I wear a smile, they always smiled back. After a few months, I felt to be part of the city. In my point of view, Russia as a whole has a lot to offer and I consider myself very lucky to have been able to see the beauty of Moscow but, eventually, people made the difference. This is probably the aspect that impressed me most and definitely changed my mind about this country.

I chose ProfIntern as I heard about it during my first visit to Saint-Petersburg as a tourist, and I definitely recommend them. They have been very helpful either before my departure assisting with all the documents and information and throughout all my stay in Russia. They are really friendly and provided me with any assistance I needed, anytime.

Thank you for everything, both to Anna and Maria!)

Laura Randon (Italy)
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