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Program: Individual internships
Extra: 2-way airport transfer, Accommodation search, Issuing the invitation for visa, Information site-set

30 декабря, 2016

I got in touch with ProfIntern to do a 3-months internship in St. Petersburg. It didn’t take them long to find me a flat and the perfect work place for me, moreover very close to each other. I eventually started my duty at the placing company as a Graphic Design and Fundraising intern. It happened that the organization was in the process of changing its visual identity, thus I got in charge of that very quickly and it helped me get to know the mission or the Institute and the way of working through more specific design tasks. After that, I was able to describe their work and their needs: telling the story is the first and maybe most important step for a nonprofit fundraising strategy. In the end, I managed to rebuild the visual identity of the organization and give them the necessary tools and documents to use it properly in the future, as it is very important to step up from others and to keep a strong and reliable image before even starting raising funds. I also managed to start several fundraising processes that the organization will carry on, and I also helped them record and mount some videos of their work consultations.

Three months is a short time to see the results of the actions you set up and it would have been a real pleasure to stay more for that, as Saint Petersburg as too much to offer for such a time span as well! Even though the winter lasted a bit too long this year, it offered us the possibility to see this wonderful city snow-capped as well as cheered up by its sunny white nights. The “Window on Europe” resembles any other European city indeed, but with more elegance and beauty. Still, it is Russia and you can feel the rich and complex history of the country just having a walk between Peter and Paul Fortress and the Lenin Square, passing by the infamous Aurora. Along with the sight, the senses of smell and taste are strongly in demand here considering the Russian pelmenis, pirojkis, smetana, mors, etc. and the various types of cuisine you can get here – let me go for the Georgian one here.

Overall, and far from lots of myths and fantasies that sometimes occur in Europe, this experience in Russia has been very enriching and satisfying and I have been honored to help at my level improve and increase the much needed work the company is doing and is spreading around Russia and its neighboring countries. I would be glad either to come back to Russia, or that the country lifts its visa restrictions to be able to explore it a bit deeper and longer. Maybe from next year for the World Cup?

Thomas Ghislain (Belgium)
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