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Program: Language & Internship package: St.Petersburg
Extra: Accommodation search, Issuing the invitation for visa

26 декабря, 2016

After I graduated and in the middle of my job search, I stumped into this opportunity that ProfIntern offers to make an internship in Russia. Being undecided about taking it or not, I eventually did, and is a decision I will never regret!
I have been attracted to Russia for quite some time, so I was enthusiast about the idea of coming here to St. Petersburg. I really like the city, having visited it 3 years before this experience and loved it at first sight. Coming here for 3 months was really an experience I was looking forward!
And I have to say that everything lived up to the expectations. Spending an extended amount of time here is really the best way to delve deeply into the Russian culture and people, which apparently are similar to us from the west, but actually it’s another world! After 3 months I still have to capacitate myself of many things.
I really liked my internship in an international law firm. It gave a first hands-on professional experience on how a law office works and had to cope with many things I never did before during my years of studying. The internship was mainly in English, but also working sometimes with the Russian language give you an opportunity to really improve yourself and your abilities to adapt to a different environment.
The Russian school was really great too! I was placed into the perfect class for my level and in just one month there I solved many doubts I had about the Russian language, that studying as a self-taught I would have figured out much later.
The apartment I lived was quite old, but had a very typical feeling. I liked it and also my host, Marina, was a great chance to practice my Russian, even though was hard most of the times due to her pronunciation))
I have to say special thanks to Anna and Maria, which followed me in every step of my experience and provided me with every help I needed for whatever situation!
Overall, I really loved this experience! Is just a pity that was only 3 months long. I would redo it again right now!

Giuliano Patrizio (Italy)
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