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Program: Individual internships
Extra: 2-way airport transfer, Accommodation search, Issuing the invitation for visa

2 сентября, 2018

My internship was connected with the arts and culture. The work environment was both professional and friendly. Everyone got on well and was willing to help me whenever I asked.

Most of my work consisted of translation — something that I was very keen on. The amount of work for some might have been too much, but for me, it was both challenging and rewarding. In addition, I helped gather information about upcoming cultural events. In such a way I helped the company prepare for them.

My stereotypes about Russia before I came were similar to that of many other Westerners. Basically, that Russians aren’t very welcoming. But actually the opposite is true. Everyone was more than willing to help and turned out to be normal and friendly.

Yes, I did fully immerse in Russian culture. Aside from constant language practice, I almost exclusively ate Russian cuisine and visited many of the famous cultural sights of St. Petersburg. However, for me, in terms of immersion, interacting with Russians in their own language was my favourite aspect.

I chose ProfIntern because I was seeking work experience which ultilised my Russian language skills. I found some companies independently, but upon discovering ProfIntern, soon realised that by using their help I could potentially have access to more companies and have more freedom of choice. This widening of options definitely helped and they found a company that more or less fully meet my demands for an interesting internship. Without ProfIntern the chance of getting a place at a decent company is much harder. So, I would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking an internship in

Justin Groves (United States)
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