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My experience with ProfIntern

Program: Language & Internship package: St.Petersburg
Extra: 2-way airport transfer

28 июня, 2017

My experience in Saint Petersburg has been wonderful. The city is magical, full of history and culture and really beautiful. It was my second time here, but I would definitely come back in the future as every time I fall in love with the city. The people I met, the food I ate, the ballets I went to, everything is unique and worth a try.

Of course, the experience has been pleasant also thanks to its structure. I chose the one month of school and two month of internship program, which I highly recommend as the first month helps to improve the level of Russian and to feel more confident before starting the internship. At school, I attended the morning classes and the exam preparatory course in the afternoon, which is quite intense but definitely focused on improving the language.

In the company I worked for I learnt how to use translation programs I didn’t know about, I helped translating varied texts from Russian into English and I also had some tasks regarding Italian. I learned that the translation work is not only about translations, but it is also about checking, revising, editing and much more. Some tasks can be a bit boring, but all this has given me a full insight of how the real translating work is, and I’m glad I took part of it for a while. My team was small, young and very welcoming and I felt a member of it since the very first day. Both the director and my colleagues have been friendly and helpful, and they spoke with me in Russian, which helped my language skills.

I think ProfIntern is a great organisation. The people behind it are really caring, attentive and reliable. They work with a great school with competent teachers and with selected, professional companies. I would definitely recommend this school and internship program as it helps both the language and the working skills in a serious and pleasant way.

Micol Capena (Italy)
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