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Program: Individual internships
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30 апреля, 2019

About my internship: 

My internship is in the agri-food sector of activity oriented towards the commercial aspect.
I work in an office with a team of 4 employees. The company welcomed me very well and trusted me. It is according to the most important point to develop in a company. I have responsibilities and I manage the development of the company for export. To be honest, it took me a few days to adapt perfectly to the Russian way of life, which is completely different from the French model. But when we decide to go abroad to do an internship, we have to know how to get out of our comfort zone because, in my opinion, it is the best way to learn. 
The tasks I perform are very varied: I am in charge of export development. I have to look for prospects, build customer loyalty, contribute to the organization of logistical transport (Incoterms, 3PL, LTL…).
My training in France also allowed me to master creative software: I, therefore, created the design of the labels for our products and translated them for the European and American markets. I am also in charge of carrying out market research and proposing a pricing policy that is appropriate to the environment in which we want to operate.
What I like most about my internship is to think about establishing studies and then implement them. We communicate a lot with my manager to establish the best possible strategy. To be honest, without my knowledge of Marketing, Market Economy, Visual Design or Language Skills, I don’t think my internship would have gone as well.
About life in Russia: 

In France, we think that Russia is not the best place to do an internship, because we do not have enough information about this country. The media never communicate about Russia and we feel a kind of fear towards that country. According to the French, in general, Russia is a hidden country, suspicious of the rest of the world. These stereotypes have been very clearly broken because the Russians have always helped me to make myself feel at home.
In my opinion, Russia should open up even more to the world, that’s precisely what ProfIntern is trying to do: promote Russia’s true image: a country in strong development, full of opportunity with a solidarity mentality. Russian culture is incomparable: it is a journey through time with a magnificent history.  In St. Petersburg, everything reminds us of this history. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Of course, the Orthodox churches, the museums or the architecture is sublime, but I particularly liked the fact that this city was created so that every step amazes us: the streets, the buildings, even the metro are a real pleasure.
About ProfIntern: 

I chose ProfIntern at first a little by chance, because I had to find an internship in Russia, but I knew that the task would be difficult without asking for the help of a placement agency. ProfIntern has very well targeted my request, which requires an internship in agri-business. The exchanges were regular and the organization of the internship went very well. I recommend 100% ProfIntern for obvious reasons: it is a very professional company that listens and understands our needs. 
To conclude, if you have never been to Russia, forget everything you have been told about this country and live this unique experience by yourself. It is not a dangerous country, it is not a violent or evil country!

Fremyet Antoine (France)
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