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My experience with ProfIntern

Program: Individual internships

18 января, 2018

My internship was connected with Italian language and culture inside a Russian university. Where I did my internship my toutor and my colleges were very helpful and open, but they also give me freedom during work. During this experience I helped and replaced the teacher, when for some reason they couldn’t keep lessons. I did some translation from Russian to Italian, and I prepare the programme for some university courses.

It was my second time in Russia so I have already had an idea of what it was expecting me. But I realized that Russians are very hospitable and also really open and friendly when they know you, and these are the aspects I liked the most.

It is sure that Russian culture is really different from Italian and at the beginning it really annoyed me because there were some behaviors that I couldn’t stand. For example, people usually don’t smile, even shop assistants and waiters. I realized that there aren’t any precise hours for meals. For me you have to be very careful even when you cross the road even when there is the green light because drivers, here in Russia, are impetuous. But maybe it’s like this in all big cities, I don’t know but I’m used to a different kind of drivers. People don’t say “thank you” or don’t do something to show their gratitude even though it was a small help. These are just small annoying things, but in general my impression about culture and people is very positive! The more time you spend in Russia, the closer you get to know Russians and their culture, the better you understand these behaviors.

I chose ProfIntern because in the site of the Russian language school, I went for a month, there was the opportunity also to do an internship with Profintern. They helped me find a company where I could do my internship and it organized some excursions during the weekends. I really recommend ProfIntern because I really wanted to do an internship in Russia and they met all my expectations.

Linda Lavelli (Italy)
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