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Program: Individual internships

15 августа, 2018

About my internship:
My internship was connected with working within the PR department at the museum in Moscow. Although I had a daily task of handling their English social media, the other tasks would depend on the situation at work; such as visiting different sites and taking notes. Due to my lack of Russian language skills, I believe I was not able to showcase my abilities to the best of my possibility. However, I was able to help them with a chunk of translation work which I am glad I got to do, as they lacked staff who were comfortable with this task.

Main Tasks:

Managing English Twitter account
Taking photographs at some openings
Visiting filial museums and translating their texts into English

About life in Russia:
Studying in the United States, one often hears terrible things about the Russian government in the media. However, I honestly did not know what to expect from the country but, I feel as though an illusion about a country is always broken when one gets to know the people of the nation on an individual level. I loved interacting with the locals and getting to learn things about the city and culture. With the hype of the World Cup and thousands of people visiting, Russia definitely had a wonderful buzz this summer.

About ProfIntern:
I chose ProfIntern as they would be a big help to help me secure an internship in Moscow. As I did not know the language, I had no clue where to start with looking for work. They were a great help especially when it came to issues of getting a visa and getting everything in order. They are great at communication and make sure they have done everything possible so that one can have the best out of their internship.
However, I feel like they could have done a better job with the placement of the internship itself, as I was wanting to work more in the art curatorial field rather than public relations which was not my primary interest. Regardless, I understand the restrictions of work available to me due to lack of Russian and it was great to pick up some new skills. I would love to recommend ProfIntern to anyone who is looking to do an internship abroad in Russia.

Arya Rana (Nepal)
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