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Program: Individual internships

30 ноября, 2019

My internship was in an IT company, that builds interfaces for complex and sophisticated digital products. As for the team I was part of, I can only say nice words. From only my first days there, I was treated with respect, they used to answer any of my questions, and they were always happy to help me. Therefore, their level of professionalism was quite high, their attitude — better than I expected and even though everyone was busy with their work, I was not treated like a burden — as people usually think about interns.

The main tasks that summarize my activity during the internship were — benchmarking, market analysis, communication with companies from Germany and the US.

Life in Russia was wonderful. I enjoy the metro every morning, people reading newspapers, books, magazines, but mostly the weather. The rain was the highlight of my experience. Getting lost among colourful umbrellas was more than I could ask for.

Regarding the stereotypes, I do not think it is fair to judge Russia, only after living for a while in Saint Petersburg. One thing I can tell for sure is that I loved it there. People are nice, they do not smile as much as Americans do, but you know what they say: погода в Питере меняется с космической скоростью, но это не значит что его нельзя полюбить.

Every weekend I used to visit a new place, yet Hermitage’s Impressionist exhibition was the only thing I kept going back to. Having the chance to see Monet, Degas, Renoir, Gauguin, Gogh — I could not miss that.

Also, Versailles like castles, long alleys, parks from Petergof, Nevsky prospect and the bridges, all of them, brought together by the great, imperial architecture.

I have chosen ProfIntern because it was the only program I have found. I am grateful for all your efforts, and for the fact that you made sure my experience was good, both culture-related and work-related. I would kindly recommend you if I have the chance. 

Maria Rodideal (Moldova, Republic of)
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