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My experience with ProfIntern

Program: Individual internships
Extra: Accommodation search, Issuing the invitation for visa, Information site-set, Excursion package

20 мая, 2018

My internship involved international business and translation. During the three months of this job experience, I translated their website into Spanish and Italian and contributed to create advertisements for targeted audiences. Once everything was prepared, I had to manage clients from South America and Italy. Not only was it connected with what I studied but my workplace was great. From the very beginning, my colleagues made me feel welcome. Furthermore, I really felt that I was given responsibilities despite my position as intern and my opinion was always taken into account. Of course some days were not as exciting as others. There can even be disagreements but this is not related to Russia, it happens everywhere.

With regards to Russia, I have to admit that I was really impressed with this country and the people here. Saint-Petersburg is really amazing. In my opinion, this city has everything you need and perfectly combines history with modernity. The people living here were very welcoming despite what we might think in Europe. Plus, I also had the chance to see the Northern Lights in Murmansk, which was a dream came true. To sum up, Russia was an incredible experience.

I’m really grateful to ProfIntern for this opportunity. The job was really cool but they were really helpful in terms of procedures as well. Indeed, coming to Russia might scare off a lot of people precisely because it seems like a long and complex process. Yet, they made it really easy from the very first step in Belgium until the end of my stay here.

My only regret is not learning Russian language as much as I wanted but all the more reason to come back!

David Angelo Ponente (Belgium)
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