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My experience with ProfIntern

Program: Individual internships
Extra: Issuing the invitation for visa

17 июня, 2017

Without the help of ProfIntern, I could never have imagined myself working in a publishing house in Moscow. The experience turned out to be an unforgettable one. My purpose of interning was to learn more about the publishing industry and about the urban culture in Moscow. It was my personal development internship in Russia. I really don’t want the internship to be just something to add on a resume, but an experience that can improve my understanding and skills. The job placement fullfills my requirement perfectly.
Although it was an one-month internship, my internship mentor tried her best to teach me things about the industry. The company works internationally, so I’m confident that I will be able to apply these knowledge in a different country. Also, I was able to practice my Russian. Moreover, in contrary to internship programs that use interns simply as free/cheap labor, this internship program really pays attention to the need of the participant. Everyone in the company was extremely kind and welcoming. The corporate culture of the publishing house was fantastic.
I would like to especially thank Maria and Julia for finding this wonderful internship for me. They have provided full-support throughout my internship. They are very efficient and considerate, taking my opinions seriously. Last but not least, I want to thank my colleagues for this wonderful time in Moscow. My mentor is one of the nicest people I have ever met. I’m really honored to know these people.

Susan Zhou (China)
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