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Program: Language & Internship package: St.Petersburg

30 августа, 2018

My experience in St. Petersburg was better than I expected. A few months ago a colleague and I decided to start this experience. She opted for a standard Russian language course, but I wanted more. So I decided to live this experience not only improving my Russian language but also applying it. To do that, I got in contact with ProfIntern Agency and few days after the coordinator Maria Lobanova proposed me an internship in a translation agency. I couldn’t be more excited.

Finally the 28 of July came, and I was ready to start this new adventure. Every morning from Monday to Friday my routine was pretty the same: in the morning I attended a Russian language course and in the afternoon I went to the company. Even if during the week I was quite busy, this was not a reason not to enjoy the city. Surely I visited the city mostly during the weekend, but for example, I went two times to the Hermitage museum and I went on Friday because the museum on Wednesday and Friday closes later and there are fewer tourists in the late afternoon.

St. Petersburg was surely a great experience. There I met great people and shared precious moments with them. Now I know why Petersburg is called “the Russian city of culture”. There is always something to do or to see, you can’t get bored there. And when you have finished all the tourist things to see, you can simply enjoy the city walking around. I definitely can say that St. Petersburg is my Russian home. People there are very friendly, against the common thoughts that Russian people never laugh.

Also in my job place, I met very friendly and professional people. The CEO of the Agency welcomed me in the best way I would think. My colleagues showed me different computer programs that Russian translators use nowadays and I had a doubt they were always ready to help and suggest me. From the very beginning, I was assigned to translate texts from Russian into English and sometimes to review English texts. At least, I can say that my experience in “Piter” was one of the best I have lived.

I kindly recommend anyone to live the same experience I lived. Thank you ProfIntern, maybe you are responsible for the great opportunity to improve and live my Russian language.

Chiara Tumminello (Italy)
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