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Program: Language & Internship package: St.Petersburg

12 сентября, 2012

Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down, and I’d like to take a minute just sit right there I’ll tell you how I fell in love with Saint Petersburg!

Hello everybody! My name is Nicole, and I’m from Italy. I would like to introduce you the great experience I had in Saint Petersburg, the Venice of the North…But let me say it’s much better than the Italian one!

When I decided to apply for an internship program my principle aim was to improve my Russian, my communicative competences, but I also wanted to explore the particularities of contemporary Russian culture, which one can never read on books or in newspapers. I can say that I reached my goals!

The ProfIntern staff carefully organized my stay, followed me day by day since my arrival, and found a working place for me in a company which turned out to be a great partner!

I had the opportunity to carry on a working experience in a field which perfectly suits my interests and where I could really feel as a part of the team!

Let me spend some words to describe my duties there. As I interned in an advertising agency, I contributed to organize some events, such as banquets and corporative parties. My task mainly consisted in finding suitable places, and reaching agreements with their managers; after that I was asked to prepare an offer for our customers, indicating all the best variants. Once I even actively took part such as entertainer, which was incredibly funny!

Now that this experience is over I can loudly say that I could not better decide how to spend these last two months!

At the beginning you read a part of the nice song from «Fresh Prince of Bel-Air»… I took inspiration from it because, like Willy, I also feel that my life has changed: in Saint Petersburg I found my Bel-Air, which is the reason why I decided to continue studying here for the next 18 months!

If you are reading this maybe it’s because you’re are thinking of the chance that ProfIntern suggests taking…
Don’t think, just go for it!

Nicole Canclini (Italy)
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