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Program: Individual internships
Extra: Accommodation search, Issuing the invitation for visa

6 января, 2016

On the whole, I had an amazing experience in Russia and fell in love with St. Petersburg. It is a rich and magnificient city filled with culture and history. I particularly appreciated the impressive architecture. Besides, there is so much to see and to do that it is impossible to get bored. I have been to amazing places (museums, palaces, cathedrals) and attended wonderful events (theatre, ballet, opera, ice hockey). I had an interesting experience not long ago when I visited a cathedral on Vasilievsky Island. The decoration was beautiful and the atmosphere was unique. I sat there for around 20 minutes and immersed myself in this cosy yet elegant setting. I was feeling so relaxed and peaceful. I am not a big fan of churches but there it was different, I had never felt like that before, especially not in a religious environment.

What’s more, I had been assigned both great accommodation and internship. All the people around were so welcoming and generous. I fit in quite quickly and felt good in all environments.
I am so lucky to have been given this incredible opportunity! For all that I would like to thank ProfIntern and Belgium operators.

Russian language skills improvement
I would have liked to improve more but it was difficult with only evening classes twice a week. They didn’t help as much as I thought they would. Fortunately, the on site immersion allowed me to listen to the Russian language on a daily basis and to try to practice with native speakers, which is the best option. I know I stayed only three months and that it is impossible to speak this difficult language like a miracle. I really love it and would like to carry on studying it in the future.

Internship experience
Even though the tasks I had to complete were not very varied, it was a nice experience. I could see how this kind of translation companies work and the job they do. My English dramatically improved and my co-workers were always happy to help me with the Russian language. The members of staff were very friendly, mindful and made me feel welcome in the office; they even invited me to join them for meals and some activities. The atmosphere was pleasant and easy-going while remaining professional.

Life experience in Russia
It has been fantastic to discover another culture and stay enough time to be able to understand it. Living in another country is always open-minding and allows you to develop your critical mind. I was happy to know more about history and I am now passionate about the Russian language. I can say thay it has been a linguistic and cultural revelation for me, I feel like learning more, reading Russian authors, and so forth. I would definitely come back!

ProfIntern services
ProfIntern services were efficient, above all to prepare our arrival. With their good lead in collaboration with the Belgian operator, I was confident about all aspects of my stay in St. Petersburg.

Aurélie Paul (Belgium)
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