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10 декабря, 2018

I spend 3 months working for a company in Moscow. I was part of a wonderful team of 6 people who warmly welcomed me. The company is specialised in the field of Technology and have several programmes on different focus such as Health technology, Energy technology, Food technology, Autonomous technology, etc. I knew nothing about technology before I arrived there, and although I have to admit I still don’t know much now, I was taught the basics of the company programmes in order to help them in their work. I performed various tasks during these 3 months:

Conducting research on ways to make young people (children and young adults) discover and learn about technology;
Contacting international speakers and companies to invite them to some events;
Conducting research on new technological markets in Singapore;
Translating infographics from Russian into English;
Finding some original formats and ideas in order to organize a completely new big conference with important people (perhaps people from the government, Nobel prizes winners, etc.);
Conducting research on Personal Data sharing legislation abroad.
I really liked my internship there. The atmosphere in the office was young and friendly and the location was amazing. I had a nice balcony and a terrific view on Moscow. Moreover, as most of my colleagues only spoke Russian, it gave me a great opportunity to talk with them and to improve my Russian skills. It is tough to come back to speaking Russian every day when you haven’t done it for 2 years, so it was more challenging than I thought; but I like a challenge.

As you would’ve guessed, it wasn’t my first but my second experience in Russia (I was an exchange Student in Volgograd for 4 months in 2015). I also learned Russian at university, which explains my deep interest for the country, its history and culture. I love Russia, it’s a wonderful country! I like that it’s cold in the winter, that people seem cold but once you get to know them, they are nicer than in Western countries, that people sometimes seems crazy (they sure drive like maniacs). I love the Russian food; I always miss pelmeni, borsh, smetana, pirogi, tvorog, blini, sirniki and all this delicious Russian food when I am in Belgium (and Georgian cuisine too!!!). I had some Russian friends in Moscow, so I would meet them and party with them quite often. Trust me Russians know how to party! It was also a formidable time for me to speak Russian over some food and some shots of vodka; (stereotype, I don’t think so) and it’s known that people speak better a foreign language when they are drunk because they are less shy. People might say that the Russians may have a strange mentality, I don’t think so. Of course, some are old-fashion, others a bit judgy, but let’s be honest you’ll find those people in every country. Russian men are gentlemen, they open the door for you, they let you go before them, etc. I don’t see any of those little things anymore in my country.

Moscow is an amazing city, it’s a megapolis; lots of people, lots of shops, lots of lights, lots of noise, lots of transports, etc. If you like big cities like me, just go for it. The Stalinian architecture style is unique, the churches and cathedrals are beautiful, the parks are huge, the metro is big and easy, the Red Square is the place to go, the lights at nights around Nikolskaya and Lubyanka are beautiful, the night life is awesome, there are tons of museums, so everyone can find what they like, etc. I definitely recommend the terrific city of Moscow for an internship!

I chose Profintern to handle my internship because I believe they would look for the best experience for me according to my profile. I trust them with the invitation, the accommodation, the airport pick-up and the search of an internship. I am very pleased with the internship and the accommodation they found me. It was all very nice. Therefore, I recommend you choosing Profintern to help you handle your experience abroad.

Fanny Mathieu (Belgium)
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