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Program: Individual internships
Extra: Issuing the invitation for visa

8 декабря, 2017

My name is Joao Carola and I am a student from Lisbon, Portugal. In the beginning of this year I decided to do an internship in Russia and since then was trying to find different ways to make it come to life. After finding Profintern everything went much simpler – they helped me to get all the necessary documents, visa and a place to do the internship in. Everybody in the company is very helpful (as first I had some issues with the dates of arrival and so on, but the staff of the company helped me to solve all of them).

I would definitely recommend Profintern to anybody who wants to make an internship in Russia. Personally my field of work was communications and marketing in a company dealing with sports. I was in the office for the full working day, mainly dealing with international communication and advertisements. Sometimes there was not as much work (or as much activity) as I would like to, but this is not such a problem. Overall I had a pleasant experience working in this field, as well as working in a team with Russian people. The only drawback is that I didn’t have enough time to develop my Russian language skills, but I guess I still have time to do it. It was not my first time visiting Russian Federation (and Saint-Petersburg), but staying here for longer changes your attitude towards some things.

Life in Russia is quite different to the one in Europe, but it’s not a bad thing. People in here are actually very helpful and polite (ok, I learnt this from the first time in Russia already, but during these three months my theory was only proven). As I was not living in the tourist-friendly centre of the city, I had a chance to fully integrate with the Russian lifestyle, habits and so on – it was a very interesting and unique experience. However, the transport system of Saint Petersburg sometimes does not function as well as it could. Generally, I had a great time working in Russia and I would definitely like to do it again.

Спасибо Profintern for your support!

João Alberto Marques Correia Carola (Portugal)
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