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Program: Individual internships
Extra: Issuing the invitation for visa

24 ноября, 2018

I am a student of foreign languages for international management and I was looking for a professional internship in Russia in order to improve my Russian language skills and my level of knowledge of the Russian market. Profintern found me really quickly an internship in St Petersburg in the international marketing department of a fashion company ( which was exactly the position I was looking for).

These were the main duties of my internship:

Establishing new relations with new clients abroad;
Organization of events;
Promotion of the products of the company throw the main social networks ( Instagram, Facebook and VK);
Translation of articles from Russian into English.
During my internship, I also took part in a conference about the current tendencies of the fashion market in Russia ( which was really interesting). I also went on a business trip with the company in Tallin ( Estonia) where we met and show our products to new clients. My experience in Russia was amazing: St Petersburg is an amazing city with a lot of touristic attractions. All the people I met where really kind and helpful ( despite the common stereotype about Russian people, according to which they never smile and are not really friendly) I would really recommend this internship experience abroad!

Federica Mazzi (Italy)
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