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Program: Language & Internship package: St.Petersburg

29 января, 2015

This report I am writing its not only a report for the ProfIntern program I attended but also my unique experience in the magnificent city of Saint Petersburg with her magnificent people.

If there was not for this program, it would be really difficult for me to have that experience which I will never forget in my life. Not only did I manage to learn a new language and gain an experience through this program, which is actually necessary for my career in International Human Resources Management but I also experienced living in the Venice of the North for three months. The program offered the opportunity to visit museums and palaces, to study the language in one of the best institutions of the city, Derzhavin Institute, to find an accommodation in the center of the city and to find an internship on my field. There are no words to express the beautiful time I had in these three months, the friendships I made and I mean real friendships where they were there for me whenever I needed their help. From my manager, my colleagues and the people in the accommodation. People who I will never forget and with who I keep communication and I will in the future as well. My internship offered to me the opportunity to put in practice the knowledge I had from my Master and also to gain a greater knowledge on the field of my studying. The city is so beautiful and works as a magnet for me making me to want to return and live my life there. I would definitely recommend the program and i would definitely recommend Saint Petersburg for living.

Maria Efthymia Karageorgou (Greece)
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