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My experience with ProfIntern

Program: Individual internships

20 апреля, 2018

First of all, thank you for the wonderful opportunity that you offered me, to work at Wine Business field. You actually found the perfect training for me. That was a great experience with new challenges for me, a real step forward my career.

About Internship

So first of all, about my internship. I used to work as a guide in wineries for a few years before I decided to leave my job for a 4 months trip to Russia. Actually I travel with a work and travel travel visa, which is very popular to travel across Canada, New-Zealand or Australia, but not a lot person knows that it’s also available for Russia. So, my internship was in a wine shop / wine school. They offer wine lectures and tastings for wine lovers, and also have professionnal program for future future sommelliers.

Some members of my family and friends said that it was a strange idea to work in the wine field in Russia, as it is not really a Russian speciality, but it permitted me to stay in my field while improving my Russian. I worked mostly for the wine school as my first task was to organize and run a lecture about Bordeaux’ Wines. I also had to plan a one-week trip in the Bordeaux ‘vineyards for the clients next October. I could also participate to the different wine tastings and events organised by the company, so I could really improve my knowledge about wine and oenology.

About the lecture, that was very big challenge for me, as I am learning Russian for 2 years. I was not very confident about doing this, but in the company they encouraged me and found a student sommelier who speaks French, in case I need some help. And also my russian friends helped me to train. And finally I run the 2 hours lecture without the help of translator, and that’s a huge step in my knowledge of the Russian language.

I am also really delighted that I have to organize this trip to Bordeaux for the clients. As my plan for the future is the creation of my own wine-tourism company, that’s a great chance that they asked me to do that. It’s like a first step in the creation of my business, as I am not only organising the trip, but also be the guide for the group next October!

So this training perfectly fitted with my wishes and plans for the future!

In the company I was warmly welcomed, get on well with the manager. She was always explaining everything very clearly, and not only about work but also about the city, about Russian culture… And she even took me on a day trip to Pushkin.

About Russia

Before the internship, I travelled for two months across Russia, from Petersburg to Ulan Ude, and I tried to immmerse as much as possible in the russian way of life, living with people through Couch surfing or travelling platzkart. One of my biggest astonishement is how russian people can live so easily in the trains for a few days, sharing food and tea with their neigbourghs, playing cards, talking about everything…

About ProfIntern

Actually I discovered the company randomly, on a Facebook page. I almost reached the final destination of my trip and was looking for a job in Peterburg, unsuccessfully. This was about 2 weeks before returning to Piter so I was not really optimistic…but you managed to find a company very rapidly! Also it was always very easy to communicate and everything was always explained clearly. I really appreciated that you accompany the trainees on the first day, it’s reassurring. I also really enjoyed that you organised regularly meetings with the others trainees, show us great places in the city, share about Russian life … we had really great times at cafes, ice-ring…

Thank you again ProfIntern!
I hope to come back very soon to Russia)

Alaïs Phillippine Stéphanie Riglet (Italy)
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