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9 октября, 2017

Hello everyone! My name is Guillem and I am a Master’s student from Spain. I have spent last summer in St. Petersburg working as a CAD designer in a Russian engineering company. The experience was amazing and wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of Profintern.

I got to know Profintern after searching for internship opportunities in Russia on Google. I put in contact with them and they answered all my doubts quickly and clearly. As I had studied Russian language before, I chose to apply for the internship only. As part of the application process, I sent them my application form with my preferences, CV and cover letter, and I can say that they found a great placement for me, as it matched all my requirements. They even organised a Skype conference with the company’s directors and me to get to know each other, and discuss my future tasks.

Once in Russia, I was placed in the engineering department of the company, and I was given the task of developing part of a new machine that the company was working on. Previously, I had some professional experience in the field of machine design, so this opportunity, of course, allowed me to learn new things and to grow my experience. I worked on an 8-hour shift, and the company let me choose my work schedule and organized some after-work activities for its employees. The atmosphere was great and my workmates were always ready to help if any difficulties appeared during work. I really felt part of a team, and I am still in touch with some of my exco-workers. It should be said that, all the communication between my workmates and I, was entirely in Russian, and that fact also helped me very much to improve my language skills, specially the technical vocabulary.

So overall, I am highly satisfied about how everything has evolved. I have had the opportunity to meet with great people, and to make friendships that will last forever. My professional and language skills have also been improved, and all that while living in a wonderful city. Hence, I feel that the decision of spending the summer on an internship in Russia was very well worth it, and I want to thank the Profintern team for the serious and careful organisation of it.

Guillem Roura Ripoll (Spain)
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