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Program: Language & Internship package: St.Petersburg

1 сентября, 2018

The company I interned by was involved in the field of decentralised online currency. As an international relations student, my sphere of interests are really broad, which allowed me to deep dive also into this new online world, which I have never explored before.

My role in the company was to keep up with its international communications. More specifically, I had to make research on top people and companies and establish partnerships with them. I wrote tons of emails and communicated on any kind of social network. All of this involved a lot of both verbal and written communication, which I really loved.

After two months of internship I can gladly say that overall, I really enjoyed my time as an intern at this company. At the beginning, it was pretty challenging, but after getting a grasp of how things worked I was able to easily adapt to the interests of the company. The team was very friendly and everyone was very young. One thing which I did not enjoy very much was the level of professionalism, which lacked, and sometimes I felt like I was not followed through and I was just left doing whatever task being asked me to do.

Life in Russia
Before coming to Russia, I had many friends telling me that I was not going to like and enjoy the Russian mentality and people. Even though the negativity of many people, I still followed up with my original plans and came to St. Petersburg. Probably the best decision of my life. It was absolutely an amazing experience, I met wonderful people who absolutely broke the stereotypical judgments being told to me at the very beginning of my journey.

My general impressions of Russia and its people are very positive and I can gladly say that Russian people are very kind and at disposal, which is something I was told was absolutely not true. I am Italian and we are pretty warm people and here I have never encountered someone who was rude or cold with me; everyone always showed their best and tried to help when I needed it.

Russia is a wonderful country full of culture and things to see and discover. I admit that the mentality is very different from the European one, but this is exactly what makes it special and so rich. The city is absolutely stunning, and it has a lot to offer, from food to monuments, to attractions, churches, palaces and so much more. Everything is absolutely perfect, including the nightlife.

When I decided to come to Russia I found on the internet ProfIntern. I connected with them right away, and already from the very begging, I saw their readiness in responding to all my inquiries. They followed up with me step by step and helped me choose the best program that would fit my interests. Choosing them was the best choice because they provided me with all the necessary information needed to make my journey to Russia. Absolutely an amazing team and excellent service. I would recommend them 100%.

Giulia Bottazzi (Italy)
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