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My experience with ProfIntern

Program: Individual internships

3 августа, 2014

It is far not the first time of being in Saint-Petersburg but the experience I’ve got now, interning here with ProfIntern, was very intense, exciting and very useful for my personal and career path. I have never had such a rich and active life as in the last 3 months ever.

The first company where I was placed in the field of Mechanical Engineering didn’t suit me well as there was very few work and the team was not so cohesive. ProfIntern team did their best to quickly change my workplace, so I could enjoy an interesting job in a very nice and friendly team. The project engineering office was located right above the manufacturing sector and I had the possibility to assist and actively help in the project design of polyethylene items and watch the process of their production. Furthermore, everybody in our engineering team was always ready to assist, teach, and support me in every step of the work. Surely, the best team ever!

I would say that ProfIntern team was very attentive to my needs and wishes. For instance, I haven’t booked accommodation as I thought I will manage it there, but for the first time they offered me a room close to the first company – for free. Just to have time to look for a flat. Furthermore, they registered me and arranged a student ID. When I realised that there were no good options from agencies, ProfIntern suggested me a nice flat in the city centre where I booked a room. It was very nice and comfortable for me and I decided to stay there for all the duration of a program.

We also had 2 nice cultural programs: I was invited to the special excursion on a famous Russian icebreaker-ship. We have visited every part of it, even the captain’s cabin! The other event was a very nice literature performance in the famous art café “Podval brodyachey sobaki” (Cellar of the vagabond dog) where we have been together with Maria. Both events were very interesting to me.

Plus to the ProfIntern program, I gave some private Italian lessons and when my internship finished I decided to stay 1 month more just to have a rest and enjoy the city.

All my trip was literally amazing! Now I feel from HR agencies that they can have a crucial impact to everyone’s future career. Thank you so much!

Feel free to contact me on FaceBook to request some information or to see some pictures

Dario Iannetti (Italy)
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