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Program: Language & Internship package: St.Petersburg

3 августа, 2019

When I first contacted Profintern, I had a really good feeling about them and I really thought they understood what I wanted. Indeed the internship they found me was what I asked for and I was happy about it. When I arrived in Russia, I had some problems with my flight but Profintern made sure that I was arriving in good conditions and helped me going through it. They welcomed me and made sure I could talk to them in case I needed it too.

I was working in an NGO which organize events to promote blood and bone marrow donation with the aim of increasing the national register of donors. Since I didn’t really speak Russian, my main task was to contact worldwide NGO’s (similar ones and others which are dealing with the help of volunteers). The purpose was sharing ideas and experiences to create new events and advertising as well as creating a new partnership to meet each other in the future during conferences or for other opportunities. I also had the opportunity to go to their events wearing a costume to promote the NGO and helping them in different ways like giving some gifts and information if needed after blood donation.

The team was really nice and the work atmosphere too. I was in a complete Russian immersion but there were a few people speaking in English to explain my tasks so I wasn’t feeling too lost. Indeed it would have been easier if I had Russian lessons meanwhile I was working but for some reasons, I didn’t take it. As soon as I arrived at the office but also in Russia in general, I felt really safe and comfortable. One of my stereotypes was that Russians might be a bit stricter than other people but usually, they are very nice. It might be true sometimes but I didn’t feel it as much as I thought I would. They are really helpful. I was staying in an Airbnb, so I had contact with Russians; some people were staying more time than others. The owners were also really nice and helpful. St Petersburg is a very beautiful and nice city to live. So I am really happy with my time in Russia and hopefully I will be able to come back.

Tatiana Delhez (Belgium)
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