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2 декабря, 2018

There is this saying in English:,,Time flies when you’re having fun.´´ And I completely identify myself with this saying. When I think about my last three months, I truly can say it was fun but hard work as well.

But let start with some basic information’s about myself. My name is Alex and I’m from Germany. The country of cars, beer and sausages, but this is not about Germany here. I live close to the City of Dresden and I had the opportunity to live the last three months in St. Petersburg/Russia. In the following I will explain how I came to this great opportunity and who helped me to have this special experience.

I´m a student in my master program for mechanical engineering and part of these studies are to have an internship and to gain practical experience in a company related to my studies. It didn’t take long to develop the desire to go abroad. I decided to go to Russia because of some former experiences with this country. So I knew already that Russia is a county of warmly, honest and loving people who understand to welcome guests. I also have a deep interest to explore, learn and discover about people, language and culture of Russia. I had the desire and the time to go to Russia but how could I connect to a company which match the requirements of my University.

I needed a company who has an engineering department in direction automotive engineering or related to it. I needed a company in whom I could participate in meaningful projects and helps me to gain some experience in order to get to know the structure of the company. How could I do this on my own? The need of ProfIntern who finds and connects between interns and companies helped me to have a good abroad experience in Russia. After connecting with ProfIntern through the internet, everything moved on very quickly. ProfIntern found and connected me to a company who met my requirements for a successful internship experience.

They placed me in a company who produces car body parts. I worked for one of the biggest car suppliers in the world. I was able to support and to be an active member of the team. Different tasks in different areas of the work helped me to understand the stamping process, robot welding process and the work structure of the company. The atmosphere was professional and friendly. Everyone answered my questions well and if necessary in English. Even though I had a different expectation before I came to the company, like the field of work, the number of tasks and intensity of work, I was surprised about the big learning effect during those three months between September and November 2018.

I can highly recommend ProfIntern because of the professional help they offered and for the support in every matter of my journey. Even though I was a full-time intern I found some time for fun activities. And St. Petersburg is fun! It was my first time in St. Petersburg and I have heard many times about the beauty of this city and my expectation was much exceeded. I was able to compare St. Petersburg to different cities in the country because I went already to other cities in Russia before. Cities are at the Volga region like Kazan or Saratov are magnificent as well. And those cities are different than St Petersburg. It isn’t better or worse, it is just different. Language, culture and even the food is different. People in St. Petersburg are busy. Always moving and doing something. They are parts of the country where it is way calmer. St. Petersburg is international and you can find and meet with people from around the world. But connecting and getting to know the people in this busy city is what I soo much enjoyed! St. Petersburg has a very good Metro-system which takes care of fast transport through the entire city. I liked to be a part of the working world and to experience Russia in his pure nature. Because I always knew, that Russians are hard working and family loving people.

Alexander Plettig (Germany)
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