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17 января, 2020


Pi:  What was your internship connected with (field, tasks, industry of a company)?

ZZ: I did an internship in an organization that defends LGBTQI+ rights (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, intersex, etc.)

Pi: What is your general experience about the internship part of the program (team, attitude, results, level of professionalism, immersion etc.)?

ZZ: Great global experience, very welcoming and professional team, they taught me a lot of interesting things. They were always attentive and also flexible with the schedule which allowed me to take Russian language classes in the morning. 

Pi: Please, list the tasks you were responsible for during the internship and departments where you interned.


  • Coordination of the translating team for the English version of the website.
  • Looking up musicians for the next Queer Fest.
  • Looking up photographs projects for the next Queer fest.
  • Attending Side by Side festival.
  • Writing guides for Asylum procedure in several countries, especially french speaking countries.


Pi:  What were your stereotypes about Russia before the program? were they broken?

ZZ: Before coming people told me Russians aren’t smiling and SPB is going to be a very cold city. Everything came out to be wrong! Russians people are the most welcoming and smily people I have ever met, very nice and friendly! And for the weather, unfortunately, no cold temperature and only a very little bit of snow during my stay. I realised in my country we don’t know a lot about Russia, and I am very happy I had the opportunity to come. Hopefully, I’ll have the chance to come back!

Pi: What is your general impression of Russia as a country, it’s people and mentality?

ZZ: I had an amazing time here in Russia, both professionally and personally. The country has a very rich culture, crazy art, beautiful architecture, hard but wonderful language. People are very happy when you can say even just little basic words in Russian which is very motivating to keep learning.

Pi: Did you fully immerse in Russian culture? what did you like most?

ZZ: I have the feeling I did, I was sharing a flat with 2 other Russian girls, I took dance classes with only Russian students and teachers. I mostly made Russian friends, I even spent a true Russian New Year with them! So in the end what I liked the most was when Russian people made me discover things about their culture, concerning their traditions but also all the artistic things they have in the city.


Pi: Why did you choose ProfIntern and how they helped you during the program? How can you evaluate their services? Can you recommend them?

ZZ: Profintern had an agreement with a Belgian institution, that is why I made my internship thanks to them. They actually have pretty good services, they found the perfect internship for me, a flat in a great location, helped me when I arrived, provided me a city tour with a nice guide. Came with me for the first day of internship. The only annoying thing I wished I had known before is that I was supposed to send a message to them when I arrived at the airport by using the wifi. But came out that wifi in Russia works only with Russian number, which I didn’t have. Also my French sim card (Free operator) didn’t work there at all and I had to buy a sim card at the airport in order to contact them. So nothing really bad but I wish I knew it before because it can be a bit stressful to discover that at the arrival only.

Zoé Zorzetto (Belgium)
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