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Internship in Russia

Extending from Baltic Sea in the west to Pacific Ocean in the east and from Arctic seas in the north to the warm Black sea in the south, Russia is actually huge. But it’s not only about the land size.
Russia has a huge past and this is what makes it so special.

Through all the bright and tragic moments in its history Russia has gained an unbelievable cultural heritage and authentic traditions. Even never traveling in Russia you might have definitely heard of the Bolshoi theatre, the Hermitage, the Moscow Kremlin, the Peterhof Palace, the Romanov Family, the power and mysteries of USSR, such world famous authors as Dostoevsky, Tolsoy and Pushkin, russian cuisine with its «borscht», «blini» and «sirkniki», Russian folklore and traditional holidays — this all makes Russia a unique place worth to discover.

Why Russia is a great place for taking an internship?

Nowadays Russia is one of the fast-emerging countries, which is becoming more and more integrated into the world economy. Thus many Russian companies are searching for ways of global expansion and are ready to offer a highly diverse and profound international experience to young professionals from all over the world.

Taking an internship in Russia is your chance to meaningfully contribute to the progress of some real Russian business, put into practice your best skills and get a strong line in your CV, which will help you to beneficially stand out on the labour market.

Popular fields to do an internship in Russia are: International relations, Culture, Arts, Business.

Highlights of internship in Russia
  • Experience of the lifetime. ProfIntern will carefully select the host company for you among its wide network of partners in Russia and will make sure you are granted with some highly interesting and challenging tasks to perform during your internship.
  • It’s your chance to learn Russian language! Russian is 8th most spoken language in the world and even putting aside its international meaning, Russian is just unusual, rather complicated, but very beautiful language at the same time. Internship in Russia will help you to firmly memorise some basics in Russian and of course some business vocabulary you could use as a competitive advantage in your future career. For those craving profound language training ProfIntern can offer Russian language courses.
  • Enjoyable free time is guaranteed! Whatever city you choose — Saint-Petersburg, Moscow or Yekaterinburg — be sure you always find a lot of things to do in your free time. Hundreds of museums, palaces, cultural events and performances, world famous ballets, operas and musical concerts in world famous theatres — all this and much more waits for you in Russia!

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