Accommodation in Russia

Accommodation seems to be as important part of the program as the quality of education and appropriate internship. We also understand that it is one of the main factors that determines students' comfort and happiness in a foreign country.

We choose and regularly monitor the accommodations we provide with a great care. Below you can see the list of options that we make available for you in order to meet the diversity of possible requirements and needs. Any type of accommodation that you choose will be offered to you considering the location of language school and placing company.


Single room in a shared apartment

  • Located in the safe area of the city, apartments are easily accessible by public transport or on foot both from the language school and the company where you will intern (please note that in a megapolis like Saint-Petersburg or Moscow, even 45 minutes on foot or a 30-60 mins bus-ride is considered to be normal, even for those living in the central part of the city).
  • Clean individual room, comfortable and well equipped. Comfortable bed or sofa bed, a chair, a table, a wardrobe or shelves & hangers as well as bed linen, towels and duvets will be provided. 
  • Kitchen and sanitary are shared. 
  • Kitchen is well equipped, you are able to use cooking plates, a microwave and a fridge. Cooking cutleries and utensils are in sufficient quantity and quality to allow normal cooking.
  • Apartment can have 2 or more bathrooms, depending on the number of rooms. Normally we do not place in a flat with more than 4 rooms.
  • Iron, ironing board and washing mashine will be provided. 
  • Your neighbors will be local or international guests. In majority of lodging options, a host lives in the same apartment, which is great for socializing and fitting in the culture.
  • Utilities are included in the price.
  • Wi-fi to be provided.
  • Food and meals is not provided by the host, you have to take care of buying, preparing your own meals. If you want to add meals (breakfasts and/or dinners) for additional price, please, request additionally.    

Hostel accommodation

  • Central location
  • Single room or a bed in shared room are available (rooms are small)
  • A cheaper solution for a short-stay programs (less than 2 weeks)
  • No wardrobes are provided 
  • To be provided: iron, bed lined, WI-FI, hair dryer, towels, slippers, alarm clock, mirror


Accommodation type Season Accommodation fee
Saint-Petersburg Moscow
Single room in shared apartment High season (May 1st - October 1st, December 23 - January 10) 550€ / month 210€ / week
Low season 420€ / month 200€ / week


Other Options in Saint-Petersburg Single room Shared room
Studio flat 200 € per week not possible
Guest House 250 € per week 200 € per week
Hostel From 25€ /night From 15€ /night
Rented Flat Price Upon request
Hotels (2-5 stars) Price Upon request
  • All the payments for the accommodation are done to ProfIntern.
  • Minimal booking period is 1 month. 
  • First-month accommodation fee includes 350 euros booking fee.
  • Extra nights are usually available upon request and prepayment. More than 2 days are equivalent to one week (for Moscow). More than 5 days are equivalent to one month (for Saint-Petersburg). 
  • Inviting relatives or friends from abroad to live in the same room for a short-term has to be negotiated and paid additionally.
  • As by Russian migration law, all foreigners have to be registered within 7 working days upon arrival at the place of their actual stay. If accommodation is booked through ProfIntern, ProfIntern will take care of the first visa registration (it is included in accommodation fee).  If interns book accommodation on their own, they are advised to make sure the flat owner is prepared to complete their visa registration for them. In this case, it is not the responsibility of ProfIntern. 

When booking accommodation with us, please, mind Rules of life in a shared apartment and Conditions of accommodation cancellation



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    Accommodation in Russia

    When you are moving to Russia to take Russian language courses or an internship abroad, you will need an accommodation in Russia. ProfIntern can provide different accommodation options for you such as a shared apartment, a guest house, an individual apartment or a hotel. You have the option of living in the center of Saint-Petersburg or in the quieter outskirts. ProfIntern always tries to provide accommodations relatively close to your internship or the Russian language school. Check out the page for more information. 

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