What is meant by professional internship?
It means that you will be placed in accordance with your major and working experience. You will be involved in a real project and make a tangible contribution to the company. You will also gain international professional experience in the sphere of your interest which will give you a significant competitive advantage in the labor market.
What tasks will I be responsible for?
A host company jointly with ProfIntern develop an individual program and the list of actual tasks which at most suit your resume and career goals. In such a case you will be able to fully apply your knowledge and to gain profound professional experience in the sphere of your interest.
Which language I will use at my internship?
Mainly internships in Russia imply the usage of the Russian language. At the same time some companies in different spheres are ready to accept interns with the low level of language proficiency. In case if you do not know Russian and are not going to learn, but possess good command of English, internships in English are possible. Possibility of internships in the English language in a particular field must be requested separately.
Where will the company be located?
As we strive to find you the most suitable company in the field of your interest, we cannot guarantee its central location. Certainly, the company will be located within the city with convenient transportation access.
Once I apply, am I guaranteed an internship?
According to the registration procedure you will need to point out three desired internship areas. We start searching from your first preference and in 90% find the placement. In some occasions when we can not find a host company in the first preference, we move on to the second and the third ones. So in the end we can guarantee an internship in one of the spheres of your choice. In the rare case if we are unable to find a suitable placement in any of the required fields, your program payment will be fully refunded.
How much will I pay for the program?
Prices vary depending on the program type and the length of Russian language courses. To see the prices of our most standard packages, please visit the page Prices.
Are internships paid?
ProfIntern is not an employment agency, that is why being a part of educational program, internships are mostly unpaid. But depending on your professional level, some companies during the internship can decide to cover some of your expenses (food, transportation). This is only the company who can decide whether to do it or not – ProfIntern is not responsible for these conditions. In any case, the experience gained in an international internship is invaluable; not only will you gain experience in an international context and have the opportunity to network with professionals in your field, but you will do it while exploring a new country!
What will I gain during the internship?
You will gain:
  • Language practice in real life and in professional sphere
  • International experience according to your major
  • Professional development in the labor market
  • An important and advantageous addition to your resume
  • Acquaintance with Russian culture and mentality through your personal experience
  • A network of professional and personal contacts
Can I get job offer upon completion of my internship?
It is very likely that in case if you want to stay in Russia and the company is willing to hire a foreign citizen, you will receive a job offer on the results of your internship. We had such cases in our practice.

Application procedure

When do you start the internship and company search?
According to the registration procedure, we start searching for a company and negotiations with the management after the candidate will complete the registration, i.e. provide us with all necessary documents and transfer the deposit. Of course, we will be able to advise you on the internships possibilities in a particular field before registration and provide you with recommendations and supporting information.
Why shall I transfer the deposit before I know what company I will intern in?
This procedure is a worldwide standard and a pledge of your intentions. ProfIntern very seriously and respectfully treats its corporate partners and starts negotiations with them about a possible internship when it is fully convinced of seriousness of your intentions.

Visas and documents

Do I need a visa to come to Russia? Do you provide visa support?
Almost every foreign visitor still needs a visa to enter Russia. We accept students with all Russian visa types. ProfIntern can provide applicants with a letter of invitation, which gives them the right to apply for a visa at the visa department of their local Russian Consulate or Embassy.  Depending on the length of the course chosen, ProfIntern sends applicants different types of invitation letters: tourist, business or study.
How much does the Russian Visa cost?

Prices for visas vary by Russian Consulate in different countries and also vary depending on how long you want to wait to receive your visa (one day - two weeks). The following web-sites can help you find your nearest Russian Consulate and provides a detailed description of the visa application procedure www.russianembassy.net, www.russian-embassy.info. Please note that the passport must remain valid for three months after the Russian visa expiration date.

Here are some links to websites of Russian Embassies and Consulates.

What is "Visa Registration"? Is it compulsory?
All foreigners must be registered within 3 working days of their arrival. Foreigners are normally registered by ProfIntern. Registration fee is included in the program fee. In order to register a n intern ProfIntern needs the intern's immigration card which was filled out during the passport control upon arrival in Russia and passport with the personal details and Russian visa. 


Will somebody meet me in the airport?
ProfIntern provides airport pick-up for the additional fee. In case you are not booking it we will anyway explain you how to get to your place by public transport.
How do I get to school/company on the first day?
On your first day you will be brought to the school and to the company by ProfIntern team member. In any case, you can easily find your way on the city map following the instructions sent to you before your departure to Russia.
Is there anything special I should bring?
Slippers: In Russia people always take their shoes off at home and wear slippers instead. Small gifts for your host: some souvenirs from your home country, like chocolate etc., are always appreciated. Electrical adapters: Russian sockets take two thin pins (European jacks).
How much money should I bring with me?
For lunch in the cafeteria or in nearby café you will need the equivalent of about EUR 4-5. Excursions cost between EUR 10 and EUR 40 (full-day trips). Your personal expenses will range from EUR 50 (going out once a week, no shopping, no souvenirs) to EUR 300 per week. Do not bring a lot of cash with you. There are plenty of ATMs around, but be sure what is the limit of your bank for cash withdrawal.
Can I walk alone at night?
It is better to take a taxi at night in order to avoid any unpleasant circumstances. Moreover, in comparison to European countries, prices for taxi are pretty low. You can request ProfIntern team about the best and cheapest taxi options. Be safe!


Will ProfIntern help me with lodging?
Yes, for additional payment of €100 we can help you find appropriate accommodation meeting your requirements within a convenient location. Please note that we can offer 3 variants as a maximum according to your requirements. The cost for this service is not refundable in case if neither option suited you.
What accommodation type is the most suitable for me?
We recommend rented rooms to our interns. In Russia family stay is not very popular, though we choose rooms in those flats where other Russian and international students can possibly live. In Europe it is well known as “a shared apartment”. There usually are friendly people whom you can practice your Russian with. Often, one of the rooms belongs to a landlord who will be happy to communicate with you and help on some issues. In terms of price, quality and location rooms are the most optimal alternative. A hostel is a less convenient and a cheaper variant. A studio apartment is a more expensive and comfortable one.
What will be offered at my place of residence?
ProfIntern cooperates with trustworthy hosts. In any case you will be offered public services (water, gas, electricity), Wi-Fi, furnished room (a comfortable bed, a table, a chair and a wardrobe), a shared bathroom and a kitchen (fully equipped), a washing machine, an iron etc.
Where is accommodation offered?
We search for accommodation according to our students' placement in companies and the school of the Russian language. Mainly our lodging options are in the center of the city. Your housing will be located no further than 20 minutes from public transportation (including metro) and totally not more than one hour away from the school and the company.
How much is the rent per month?
Costs vary depending on the type, season and length of stay from €400 to €700.
When will I get the details of my housing?
It depends on the season. We try to arrange the accommodation with our hosting partners as soon as possible, but in case they are fully booked and we have to find new hosts it is better to make 1-2 weeks prior to your program start date. Sometimes it needs only 3-5 days before the intern's arrival to book the apartment.
Is there Internet available in my host family place or shared flat?
Yes, of course! But you can also purchase a local USB modem stick, which offer you cheap, although slower access to the internet everywhere you are, provided you bring your laptop with you.

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