Intern without speaking Russian

Finding an internship in Moscow may cause some headache IF you are not a Russian citizen and you have limited command over your Russian. Also, let’s assume for a moment that you want to do something more than just using the xerox / coffee machine (if you can read the cyirillic instructions on them). WORRY NOT, whatever level your Russian is at the moment: after all you came to this website to find a professional internship and/or language program in Russia, and we are here to provide you with one. 

Please see below your possibilities, which will provide you with an extensive list of tasks you might do while interning in Russia, depending on your Russian language skills. Please, mind that the level of responsibility depends not only on your Russian language profficiency, but also on your skills and professional background.  Note that the internship tasks mentioned in the table stand as an example and your  internship tasks will be fully personalized. * 
Our previously placed interns were working in various positions doing loads of interesting tasks with Russian language skills equal or below A1-A2 level (we strongly recommend to apply for a program that includes language courses and internship as well).

Position Internship tasks (it is not the full list, just a general example)*
Marketing intern
  • Foreign markets analysis
  • Daily selection of news 
  • Discussions on the foreign websites
  • Analysis of competitors on the foreign market strategy development 
  • Search for international partners
  • Customer analyses
PR intern
  • Searching for journalists and updating a database  creating 
  • content in a broad sense
  • Content placement on different sites
  • Writing press releases and mass e-mails
  • Cooperation with international media
Sport management intern
  • Organization of fans at the match
  • Work with the local media (press-release formulation)
  • Organization of social and public events dedicated 
  • to the promotion of the brand team
  • Work with website content and social networking
  • Assistance in developing a strategy for the sale 
  • of sport related equipment 
  • Conducting a research
  • International media analyses
  • Preparation of the reports
Restaurant & Hospitality management intern
  • Hostess
  • Waiter
IT intern
  • Application development and improvement
  • Programming
  • Creative design 

Interns with B1-B2 level have a wider range of opportunities, as they are able to converse (or at least understand) and write simpler reports in Russian. At this level you may expect the following tasks and positions.

Position Tasks
Marketing intern
  • Social media marketing
  • Assistance in translation and adaptation of marketing materials / website
  • Database updating and negotiations with partners and clients
  • Website audit, development and improvement of marketing strategy
  • Database search and creation
  • Monitoring discussions on the forums and commenting them
  • Media plan development
Finance intern
  • Working with bidding ETF (exchange trading funds) 
  • Trading
  • Investment package development 
  • Risk analyses
  • Asset management
NGO / Ecology / Nutricion 
  • Preparation of the report on the state of health of the population depending on the ecological situation in the country 
  • Thematic event organization
  • Publishing of the report in international media
Engineering intern
  • Development of an electronic simulator machining on CNC machines (machine kinematics)
  • MOOC Development of digital production through the use of PLM concept in the organization of engineering production
  • Additional training of the participants (university students) to the first open championship for the University of world skills regulations for manufacturing and engineering technologies
Law intern
  • Preparation reports of infringements 
  • (subject: intellectual property, business)
  • Translation
  • Participation in marketing campaign development
  • Market monitoring
  • Business appointments with embassies, chambers
Restaurant & Hospitality management intern
  • Administration
  • Marketing activities
  • Front-office
  • Guest relation
  • Conducting short trainings for staff on communication 
  • with foreign guests (based on your language/professional skills)
  • The hotel audit
Event management intern
  • Administration
  • Event plan development
  • Coordination and promotion
  • Communication with event guests
  • Interviewing
  • Budgeting
  • Cooperation with partners
  • Experiences in Doing Business in Russia
  • Project Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Market research
  • Offer preparation and improvement
Technical fields 
  • Research of the European and Middle East markets in the following industry topics:
  • Pipeline intervention and fitting supply (hot tapping, line plugging, pipeline diagnostics)
  • On-line services and pipeline rehabilitation (leak sealing, LDAR, composite repair)
  • On-site machining (flange facing, flange tapping and fastens)
Biomedical engineering
  • Participation in the laboratory researches
HR intern
  • Conducting interviews with potential candidates
  • Study of Internet sites to find qualified personnel
  • Research of the labor market and wages
  • Preparation of work statement on the results of the work

C1-C2 level will give you almost any opportunity you desire, Russian companies are more than happy to take foreign workforce with a different mindset and almost perfect Russian skills.

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