Internships and language programs in Russia


Interested in finding an internship in Russia? It is easy to understand that working abroad is getting more and more popular among students, graduates and professionals equally. It is a fascinating and vivid experience, memorable for a lifetime. There are also numerous practical reasons to reach beyond the border, it means more than just a bright line in the resume, it is a...

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Program types

Considering your major, work experience, personal and professional goals you can choose one of the following program types and get the best out of your internship in Russia . Of course, you can combine each of them with language courses and different activities.

Request us to search a company in the most preferred internship field for you. We will hand pick a company from our database according to your interest and negotiate an internship placement for you.

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Special packages for those who want to combine learning Russian in academic sphere with gaining professional work experience. Improve your Russian, gain useful contacts and upgrade your CV.

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You are welcome to supplement any of the chosen program with breathtaking and exciting Cultural program and Extra Services.

Internship fields

  • Architecture
  • Finance
  • Communication
  • Art
  • Events
  • Social Media
  • Tourism
  • Branding
  • Hospitality
  • Business administration
  • Import / Export logistics
  • Law
  • Design / Decorating
  • Journalism
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      ProfIntern programs

      ProfIntern specializes in professional internships in Russia and the best Russian language courses. We offer different programs designed for students, graduates and young professionals. Take a look at our instant internships to see if there is a company of your interest that is hiring interns instantly. Wouldn’t you rather have an internship in Russia individually selected for you, with regards to your preferences, previous education and work experience? Apply for the personalized internship and ProfIntern will find the most suitable internship in Russia for you. Besides internships, ProfIntern also gives you the opportunity to study Russian in St. Petersburg, Moscow or any other city of your preference with the best Russian language courses available in Russia. Do you want to maximize the time you spend in Russia? Why not combine the internship and language program? Do you want a deeper cultural experience and work experience in your specialty? We are able to design a specialized program based on your preferences. 

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