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Moscow is the capital city of Russia and it is undoubtedly the leading Russian city in terms of economic development, accounting for nearly a quarter of all Russian GDP. This city is annually appearing in the ratings of best cities in the world assessed by the economic potential, effectiveness of business and city infrastructure and always neighbours such top global cities as New York, London, Paris, Dubai and Singapore.

Moscow is home to headquarters of Russia’s largest companies and majority of affiliates of multinational corporations which have ever entered the Russian market.

Moscow business is represented by companies of all possible industries: here you can find both top manufacturing and engineering companies and highly developed service sector with companies operating in finances, tourism, consulting, IT, arts, culture, events and many more.

This all grants ProfIntern will plenty of options to choose from while searching for the best matching internship placement for you.

5 top features of Moscow as a city for internship!
  • Moscow is a breathtaking mixture of Russian traditions and latest global trends in city design, cuisines, technologies, fashion. That is why Moscow has a magnetic appeal for so many people who strive to explore those numerous personal and professional opportunities this city can provide.
  • Moscow is the city of events! Everyday you can find something new to do, to see or visit: festivals, concerts, performances, unusual excursions — you will never get bored and feel constantly immersed into Russian culture!
  • Moscow metro is not only the super effective way of local transportation with more than 270 stations scattered around the city, but one of the main city attractions. Decorated with marble sculptures, mosaic and chandeliers Moscow subway is rightfully called one of the most beautiful in the world.
  • Moscow is the city of parks! Yes, parks are the major pride of this city. The Gorky Park, Sokolniki, Fili, Zaryadye these are not only the areas with groomed lawns and trees to walk around. Moscow parks are incredibly well-furnished: here you can find a wi-fi and work from your laptop, do sports, play board games, try some fancy street food, watch a movie or become a visitor of a free musical concert.
  • Moscow is an incredibly energetic city! Like in every capital city life here is fast and busy, the traffic is hard, but at the same time this city knows how to motivate and inspire its citizens for reaching new professional heights and goals.

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Accounting/ Finance

Accounting/ Finance





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International Relations/ Communications

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