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Working abroad is getting more and more popular among students, graduates and professionals equally. It is a fascinating and vivid experience, memorable for a lifetime. There are also numerous practical reasons to reach beyond the border, it means more than just a bright line in the resume, it is a:

  • great opportunity to spend a gap year in a meaningful way
  • chance to explore the possible career pathways
  • guide for you to decide on your future specialty
  • tool to develop international communication and social skills
  • way to achieve a high level of foreign language proficiency
  • full immersion in a foreign culture  

ProfIntern is one of the first organizations that offers internships an various fields combined with language and cultural programs. Our goal is to introduce international students and professionals to the modern Russian culture and mentality. There is a tremendous potential that you can leverage through language immersion and professional internships in Russia.

Internship programs in Russia

We have a careful selection procedure for internship programs, where interns will gain authentic and valuable experience, collect useful contacts and professional skills. Wherever you are in the world, there is always a chance that you will work at a company or in a position that is somehow related to Russia. The globally growing popularity of the Russian language increases the number of companies that are looking for employees with work experience in Russia and with Russian language knowledge. Working in a developing economy flies you to the doors of new opportunities.

At ProfIntern, we kindly welcome you to Russia and we spend every day to extend our database with companies willing to host foreign interns in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. Our aim is to find the position that is the most suitable for your professional profile in accordance with the information you provided on your application form. For legal reasons internships in Russia are generally not paid.

Program participants must also realize that the costs of living, insurance and traveling costs shall be covered by themselves. If necessary ProfIntern can assist in the search for various types of accommodations, from renting apartments to living with a family. Housing prices in Russia are constantly growing and currently 20 euros per day is the approximate minimum price for accommodation.   For internship purposes and in line with companies’ needs, candidates must hold a minimum level of spoken Russian. We highly recommend you to combine a language course with your internship or apply for a language course before the internship starts. We have Russia’s finest language school partners, where a month long (80 hours) language course can strengthen your language proficiency and allows you to adapt to the new environment and make new international friends.

The minimum age of our interns is 18 years, although some of our host partners require older candidates. The duration of our programs, for legal reasons, depends on the duration of the course of the Russian language. In case of a short-term course, the program cannot exceed three months. If you study Russian language for more than three months, you can fulfill your internship in the afternoon during your whole stay in Russia. There are two types of work experience programs that we can provide.

Internships: a supervised, practical experience program in which a student or graduate works as an intern in a temporary position at the host company.

Volunteer programs: a supervised, practical training in which a student or graduate voluntarily, individually or as part of a team, realizes a task of social, cultural or environmental importance.

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    Internship and language programs

    Experience an internship abroad with ProfIntern! ProfIntern is focused on finding the best available internship in Russia, tailored to your needs. We guarantee a great work experience abroad in a wide range of internship fields in the largest and most popular cities of Russia. Among other things, we offer engineering, marketing and teaching internships in Russia. Broaden your horizons by working abroad. An internship abroad will help you to improve your CV and supports you by gaining work experience. Are you still having doubts about working abroad? Do you want to learn to speak Russian? You may also take a Russian language course in Russia. ProfIntern provides Russian lessons for beginners as well as offering advanced Russian lessons in the best Russian language schools. Are you interested in both an internship abroad and learning to speak Russian? ProfIntern also provides great programs to combine language and an internship. Take a Russian language course in the morning and a part-time internship in the afternoon in St. Petersburg, Moscow or any other city of your preference. Check out our packages!  

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