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Visa guide

Foreign citizens are usually required to have  a  visa to  enter  Russia. Exceptions are citizens from the former USSR republics, such as Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldavia, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Citizens of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Israel, Nicaragua, Peru, Venezuela can stay in Russia up to 90 days in each 180-day period without visa. Citizens of Turkey can stay in Russia up to 30 days without visa. The earliest arrival and the latest departure dates are indicated on the visa and must be observed. ProfIntern can provide the applicants with a letter of invitation, which  is a prerequisite to apply for the visa at a visa department of Russian Consulates or the Embassy in their home country.

According to the length of the Program, ProfIntern sends the applicants different letters of invitation: tourist, business or study.

If you are holding American passport, you can apply for a Long-Term 3-Year Russian Visa, which will enable you to stay 180 days a year in Russia. As by the visa regulations after 180 days you will have to be leaving Russia, but since it will be a multiple-entry visa you will be able to come back. This is a general rule, but we kindly ask you additionally check in your local Russian consulate for how long you would have to leave Russia every 180 days. Usually even 1 calendar day interval can be enough, but this data may vary.

Visa support: the invitation letter is a necessary document for getting a Russian visa. It is issued by the inviting party - that can be a hotel, a travel company/Agent, a business partner, an employer, a university, a Russian friend or a company authorized by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. For different visa types there are different invitation letters. ProfIntern can issue the invitation letter for any visa type (except for working visa), in case the agency or client sends us the scanned copy of the client’s passport. 

  • We provide tourist visa for a 1 month program, Russian language course is not obligatory.
  • We provide student visa for 3 months in case a 1 month Russian language course is booked
  • We provide business visa for 3 months in case an internship program does not include Russian language course.

Can I stay longer than 3 months?
In case the candidate wants to stay longer then 3 months, it will be accepted by the placing company and the language school, but due to new Federal Migration Policy rules after 3 months he will have to leave Russia for some nearby country and having in hands a new invitation (which we can again provide to him in advance) apply for a new 3 months visa and come back to Russia for another 90 days.

Tourist visa

For those taking a short term program (up to 4 weeks) ProfIntern sends an invitation letter which enables the students to apply at Russian Consulate for a tourist visa. It is valid for one entry and for maximum 30 days. This visa type cannot be prolonged after you have entered the country thus you must indicate the exact dates of the student’s arrival and departure in the application. The invitation letter is made within 1 or 2 working days and its' copy is faxed or e-mailed to the applicant. Most consulates accept a fax-copy of the invitation, but sometimes they require originals (thus we strongly recommend to contact the local Russian Embassy or Consulate to find out the exact requirements). The letter of invitation is issued by our partner. In this case when filling in the application form in the local Russian Embassy or Consulate please state that the purpose of your visit to Russia is tourism and sightseeing.

Prolongation: tourist visas cannot be prolonged.

Study visa

For those taking a Russian language course for not less than 4 weeks ProfIntern, on behalf of its educational partners, can make an invitation letter which enables you to apply for a study visa. This type of visa is valid for one or two entries and maximum for 90 days. The study invitation letter is issued by Federal Migration Department and is made for 4 weeks. To get a letter of invitation it is necessary to complete (either in legible handwriting or on computer) the Enrollment Form indicating all the personal details and data.  The original letter of invitation is sent to the applicant by post. For the passport holders from Schengen countries the simplified visa obtaining procedure is possible. This type of invitation is made of 1 week.

Simplified visa obtaining procedure for schengen passport holders

For the passport holders of Schengen countries the simplified visa obtaining procedure is available. Language partners of ProfIntern are educational establishments accredited by the Russian Ministry of Education and registered in the Migration Department, thus they can issue student invitation letter for their students without applying at the Migration Department. In most cases the client needs the original invitation letter from the Language school (sometimes the copy is sufficient. The invitation can be sent to the Agent/Student within a week upon receiving the enrollment form and prepayment if any. The procedure of getting the student visa in your local Embassy or Consulate will take approximately 10 days. In some cases it is possible to have it faster (nationality, stay of time, extra fees paid for urgent administration).

The visas issued with this type of the simplified invitation letters are valid for maximum 90 days (only if additional Russian courses are booked).

Business visa

For those taking long-term internship programs (4 weeks +) without Russian language course ProfIntern, on behalf of its tourist partner, can issue an invitation letter which enables the applicant to apply for a business visa. This type of visa is valid for a single or multi entry and maximum 90 days. Depending on the client’s nationality it can be prolonged by applying for a new business visa in their home town’s Russian Consulate or visa center or in a European country. Invitation letter for a business visa can be issued by the Federal Migration Department (takes 4 weeks) or by the company (takes 2 weeks). To obtain the correct invitation letter (original or a copy, from the Federal Migration Service or from the company) the Agency or Client must contact the local Russian consulate or visa center where he or she is going to apply for visa and request this information. To get the invitation for business visa it is necessary to complete (either in legible handwriting or on computer) the Enrollment Form indicating all the personal details and data. The original invitation letter is sent to the Agent/Client with an express courier (40-50 euros cost varying by countries).
The purpose of your visit to Russia is marketing development of your current employer, negotiations with partners, searching for partners and clients. While filling the ProfIntern application form it is very important to carefully fill out Visa section. You will be asked about your current employer details. If you are currently not employed you can provide us the information about your last employer or internship company. In 99% of cases the Embassy is not checking this information, but if they do so, the mentioned company has to confirm that you work there.   

Visa application procedure

The visa-fee depends on the price policy of each consulate and on the applicant’s nationality. The following items are needed to file an application for a Russian visa:

  • Filled-in visa application form (available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. US citizens need to fill in special form).
  • Visa support letter
  • One recent passport-sized photo
  • Valid passport
  • Health insurance policy (required only by some Russian consulates)
  • HIV test certificate (for stays longer than three months only)

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs MID maintains an up-to-date list with addresses and websites of Russian embassies and consulates around the world.

Visa registration

All foreigners must be registered within 3 working days of their arrival at the local office of the Ministry of the Interior. To register a student ProfIntern needs an immigration card which is filled in during the passport control on arriving in Russia and passport with the personal details and Russian visa.

Registration of a visa normally takes two working days. We always hand out passport and visa copies during the registration process. Students can use these copies as valid documents while changing money, traveller’s cheques (at some places), etc. Visa registration costs are included in the enrolment fee and payable together with the Program fees. ProfIntern require that all students hand in their passport and visa on the first school day to the front-desk of language school.

How much does Russian Visa cost?

Prices for visas vary in each Russian consulate in different countries, and depend on how long you want to wait for your visa (one day - two weeks).

The following web-sites will help your to find the nearest Russian Consulate and detailed description of visa application procedure , . Please note that the passport must remain valid for three months after the Russian visa expiry date.

Here are some liks to websites of Russian Embassies and Consulates.

Germany -

Ireland -

Italy -

Japan -

Netherlands -

Sweden -

UK -

USA - 

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