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Russian superstition a foreigner does not know about

Category: Russia

While travelling to Russia, I remarked but I was not sure if it is correct that when we walk on a street while smiling for no reason,
a passenger will think we are insane. So, it seems it's better to look sad or serious which means something positive for Russian people. However, it's perfectly normal to smile or laugh when another individual is with us. Although, I regularly saw someone coming to me smiling and nothing happened, like in France.

I heard something from the Internet, but in reality, I never saw it happen: it is very intimidating to give a flower to a girl/woman because it is a symbol of a funeral, not of love/friendship. I asked myself if it is really serious or just a joke because I also saw another video from Russia in which a magician gives a small cute flower to some unknown women and their reactions were positive, not shocked. 

Indeed, in Russia women love to get flowers as presents, but be sure you have an odd number of them in a bouquet (for example 3 or 5 or 7 roses), otherwise, it is a bad omen (even number is traditionally brought to the grave).  

Author: Jerome Roosen, our intern from Belgium 

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