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Saint-Petersburg — city of light

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Saint-Petersburg rightfully takes its place as one of the most important and glorious cities in the Russian history and is celebrating its 310th anniversary in 2013! Founded in the very beginning of the 18th century on the Neva River by Peter the Great, the czar, as a future capital of the Russian Empire, St-Petersburg is the first city in Russia built on the model of cities in Western Europe. It was originally planned that it would become “a window to Europe” as it was also the first major port of the Empire.

Being relatively young, St-Petersburg witnessed numerous major historical events with every one of them leaving its mark on the face of the city. Petersburg was the cradle of October Revolution in 1917, almost 24 years later it was attacked by German military forces and faced blockade for over 900 days. Saint-Petersburg’s protectors suffered from cold and famine but did not allow Nazis to step in saving the city from an ultimate destruction. Despite these catastrophic events and major declines in population which occurred as a result, St-Petersburg was able to rise again, proving its strong will and originative power.

Today St-Petersburg is a rightful “cultural capital of Russia” and the second largest city in the country with overall population of five million citizens. Everyone has heard about the beauties of Winter Palace and Petergof, about drawbridges of Neva and numerous cathedrals, palaces and forts (most notably the Peter and Paul Fortress) as well as about wonderful canals of Moyka and Fontanka Rivers: it is not a coincidence that St-Petersburg is called “Northern Venice”. Add magnificent Mariinsky Theater to this and you will literally get a bastion of culture, what St-Petersburg exactly is. It is also the largest European non-capital city and, apart from Moscow, is the only city in Russia which is federal, what makes St-Petersburg a self-governed entity.

Being so rich culturally, populous and politically significant, it is no wonder that St-Petersburg has a diverse and dynamic economy that represents all sectors from trade and business to heavy machinery and chemical industry. Today the city’s two priorities are: attract talented and educated people with working opportunities and seek new investors, especially from abroad who would like to contribute to economic development of St-Petersburg. The city’s government is working successfully in these directions as St-Petersburg already has numerous foreign investors, notably from Germany (retail), United States and Japan (automobile production).

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