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Skype training “Exploring Russia: practical guide for travelers and busy bees”

What comes to your mind first when you hear “Russia”? Winter? Vodka? Balalaika? Well, it’s predictable and true. Nevertheless, besides all mentioned above, there are many other interesting and wonderful things that are worth seeing, tasting and experiencing. 

We offer to your attention the training “Exploring Russia: practical guide for travelers and busy bees”. During the training you will learn about current Russia, its traditions, culture, habits, specifics and ways of doing business. You’ll take a look at what one should know before starting business in Russia. We’ll challenge the myths with reality. 

The training can be interesting for those who have just started learning Russia and for those who already know something about the country. We don’t promise that after the training you will be able to understand mysterious Russian soul, but we guarantee that you will be able to discover a new country with rich culture and long history, full of opportunities. The strange country named Russia.

Training Structure:

  1. This strange country Russia
    A brief review of the political and economic situation in the country. Business trends. Labour market.
  2. Hiring quest – the secrets of success
    • The key points of a successful CV
    • Interview – types, structure, what to expect and how to prepare, useful questions, feedback culture
    • Salary discussion
  3. Business. Just Russian business.
    • Russian companies – what are they?
    • Russian way of thinking
    • Business culture – mails, calls, meetings, communication with the clients, colleagues, bosses
    • Time-management
    • Money issues
    • Dress-code
  4. Start your own business. Key points.
  5. Not only about business
    • Safety first
    • Shopping
    • Food
    • Transport – metro, bus, car rent, car-sharing
    • Culture – theatres, cinemas, clubs, sightseeing places
    • Traditions
    • Habits
    • Useful mobile Apps
  6. Free topics
  7. FAQ 

Trainer: Tatyana Shumeeva, HR BP in one of the well-known production companies in Russia. 10 years of experience in HR — recruitment, C&B, T&D, HR administration, ER, assessment.

The content of the training can be supplemented by the customer’s request.

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