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The most difficult words in the Russian language!

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Every language has some words which are so difficult to pronounce! Russian language isn’t an exclusion here. Moreover, many people call Russian one of the most difficult languages especially due to its pronunciation features. Here’re the most difficult words of the Russian language! Are you ready to practice?

Здравствуйте – is the first word that you pronounce when seeing anyone because it means ‘hello’. Russians usually use it in more formal conditions and often make mistakes when writing it! The problem is with so-called mispronounced consonant letter ‘в’ (which goes after ‘a’).

Достопримечательность – means ‘sight’ in Russian. This is the word that every tourist face during the travel to Russia. And every time nobody knows how to pronounce it! Probably, the only solution is to use Google Translator.

Защищающихся – even Lewis Caroll paid attention to this extremely difficult word. Once he travelled in Russia and put down this word which means ‘thоsе whо рrоtесt thеmsеlvеs’. Its transcription looked like this – ‘zаshtshееshtshауоushtshееkhsуа’.

Ыныкчанский – This is the name of a small village which had existed in Russia till 2008. The letter ‘Ы’ may often puzzle foreign learners as almost nobody knows how to pronounce it.  Usually Russian words don’t start with this letter, but ‘Ыныкчанский’ does.

Беззвездный – Russians call the sky which has no stars on it ‘беззвездное’. Indeed, two main problems you may face when pronouncing it are double ‘з’ and mispronounced ‘д’.

Воспользовавшемуся – even Russians make mistakes when typing or writing this word. It means ‘somebody that has used something’ and due to the big number of sibilant and soft consonants.

Сложновыговариваемые – this is the word which describes anything that’s hard to pronounce! By the way, all the words in this article are сложновыговариваемые! Can you pronounce it in a right way?




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