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Thirst for learning knows no boundaries

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Did you know that sign language is not international? Surprisingly hearing impaired people from different countries cannot understand each other. And this fact poses many difficulties for these people when it comes up to interaction with other nationalities and of course travelling. But not for this guy.

We would like to introduce you our new intern from Belgium — Jerome Roosen. This week he started his internship in the ecological NGO here in Saint-Petersburg. 

When we first got his inquiry in November 2017 we understood that this case is going to be special. Of course, at first, we thought it might be a challenge, and feared it might be hard, or even close to impossible to negotiate a placement for a hearing-impaired person with an international background, not to mention providing Russian language course and cultural program we usually suggest to our interns.  But knowing more about Jerome, all our prejudices disappeared.

Jerome showed himself as a highly open-minded and outgoing person, brilliantly integrated into hearing environment. Among his most favourite occupations: studying Russian, Arabic and Chinese, going to a jiu-jitsu club, a krav-maga club. He takes salsa lessons and every Wednesday he works as a volunteer in a food distribution centre in his home city of Bordeaux, France. He also passed both theoretical and practical tests for his driving license. 

Jerome has already taken 2 internships of 3 months: one in Buenos Aires and one in Bordeaux and we see that his ambitions and determination know no bounds.

Jerome’s program with ProfIntern includes not only internship placement in the company, but also private Russian language class, online Skype course with a professional couch called «How to find yourself in Russia?» and, of course, cultural package.

This week Jerome already had a hop-on-hop-off guided excursion around Saint-Petersburg, took 2 Russian classes of 2 hours, had 1 on-line seminar and even went on a corporate trip with his workmates.

We wish Jerome to get maximum out of this experience and we want to thank him for this inspiration he shares with us. 

We believe that Jerome is the best example of how active life position, thirst for learning and a positive attitude can eliminate all possible barriers.

And we in ProfIntern are proud to have this chance and help so many different people with all possible backgrounds to make their dreams come true!

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