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Top 5 things you’ll never see anywhere else but in St. Petersburg 

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For so many Russians Saint Petersburg is a city of dream. Why? The answer is easy – there is no more city in Russia with such an amazing atmosphere of lightness and joy!

Here we tell you about 5 best things to see while staying in St. Petersburg and actually give you 5 reasons to visit this inspiring city! Let’s start!

The first Petersburg’s calling card is the opening of bridges! Not only the fact that bridges in St. P are opening is amusing, but also the musical and light show which accompanies the whole ceremony. Every day in the period from the end of May to the beginning of September the Palace Bridge is being opened with the accompaniment of the Russian classical music. Thousands of people come to the Palace Embankment every day in summer to see the real wonder. This show has been existing since 2016 and more than 20 million people have visited it by now. 

The next point in our top 5 is Peterhof Palace! Have you ever heard about this place? It’s the most popular sight which all tourists want to visit when travelling to St. P. This great complex of fountains, palaces and gardens was founded by Peter the Great – first Russian Emperor. Initially, it was built as a summer residence for the Emperor where he could stay on his way to and from Europe. Now the gardens and fountains (there are 147 fountains on the territory) are opened for everyone who wants to see the sight!

One more thing worth seeing in St. Petersburg is a street band’s concerts. It’s easy to find them strolling along Nevsky Prospect. You can listen to the Russian and foreign popular hits, enjoy the atmosphere of eternal party and have fun trying to understand what are musicians singing about.

№4 in our list is White Nights! This is a natural phenomenon which is caused by Petersburg’s location. As it’s a northern city, nights here become too short in summer but days get longer. Some days sun raises at AM3:30 and goes down at PM10:30! Can you imagine this? This is the best time to walk in green parks and gardens, explore the city on bike, go on a picnic and simply to enjoy life. Nothing compares to this feeling of happiness which follows you during White Nights season!

And the final reason to visit St. P is to see the Scarlet Sails festival! This show is specially prepared for the school graduates and takes place every year at the end of June. The central part of the event – brigantine sailing in the Neva River under sounds of wonderful music and the lights of great pyrotechnical show. Thousands of students from all the corners of Russia come to Petersburg and make the first step towards their new adult life. Hardly can you see something more inspiring than this event!

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