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Top mobile apps for studying Russian

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Do you dream to become a fluent speaker of Russian? Or maybe you want to somehow prepare for your trip to Russia? Regardless of your goal, you can use such a method as mobile apps! So, you’ll be able to study the language, for example, in transport, and don’t waste too much time to find some thematic lists of words. Such a gamified approach will make the process easier and more pleasant both on the initial stage of learning and more advanced level! We’ve compiled a list of such apps for you to make your learning process more entertaining.


The main principle of this app is the following: you need to spend just 5 minutes per day, so this will be a tiny drop that fills in your ‘jar of knowledge’! In the app, you can choose the main reason why you study the language and your current level, so that the list of words will be customized for you! During the process you’ll see and hear the words in Russian, so, you’ll practice both speaking and vocabulary. The app is free for iOS and Android, but you can pay for some additional features if you need them!


This app is a good choice for those who want to learn not just words, but the full phrases that will help them to speak fluently. Here you can find more than 140 thematic lessons with the most commonly used phrases devoted to the flight booking, hotel check-in, etc. For instance, you’ll be able to listen to these phrases in Russian, choose the right translation, etc. By the way, there’s a free 7-days trial, so you can learn all the phrases you need during this period!

Слово Дня (Word of the Day)

This is a Russian app which is targeted at the Russian audience, but if you want to become the true master of the language, use this app! Only the most difficult words are presented here with the definition and explanation. For example, do you know what does the Russian word «апноэ» means? In fact, this is the Russian equivalent of the English word ‘apnea’, and even not all the Russians know what it means. So, if you don’t afraid of such difficulties, learn the new words in this app!



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