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Victory Day Celebration — May, 9th

Category: Russia

Great Patriotic War became the most fearful and ordeal for the Soviet people. Victory Day forever became the most joyous holiday of the most important and personal event. In honor of this holiday great songs were written and great movies were filmed. No matter how many years have passed, we will never forget their sacrifice and the glory of the heroes will never fade, memories of heroism and courage of the people will never be forgotten.

It’s a great opportunity for foreign guests to become a part the Victory Day celebration on May 9th,  to see the traditional parade, the grand parade of troops and the big concert on Palace Square, there are also events dedicated to the Day of breaking the siege of Leningrad in 1943 held around the city: there are concert venues on squares and prospects, where performances are held to honor the great holiday. Everyone congratulates the veterans, heartily thank them and present with flowers.

One of the traditional events is a trip of veterans by retro trams. The Leningrad tram is a symbol of courage, strong spirit of besieged Leningrad. It was the only form of transport which worked throughout the war. It was carrying tons of cargo and delivering fighters to the front line, and its ringing sound  spoke about the coming Victory in the war.

In the evening of May 9 Russian people revere the memory of fallen heroes by the Moment of silence, remembering those who fought for the freedom and independence of the country and the lost  residents of besieged Leningrad.

The colorful closing of the holiday is fireworks and salute which can be best observed on the banks of the Neva on Vasilevsky Island, or on the Palace Embankment.

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