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Which films and cartoons to watch in Russian?

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Learning Russian can be easier and way more joyful if you watch cartoons and films in Russian. We’re sure, it will make the process more pleasant and quite faster. Here we’ve listed some of the best cartoons, films and series made in USSR and modern Russia. Enjoy!

Чебурашка и Крокодил Гена

Cute story of a sudden and long friendship between crocodile called Gena and Cheburashka – ‘a beast unknown to science’ – doesn’t lose its popularity even now. The main characters overcome a lot of problems, travel and have fun Together. This cartoon is about true kindness, which always wins. If you’re just at the very beginning of your studying, watch the cartoon and you won’t regret!

Трое из Простоквашино

This nice cartoon about friendship, family and village life is loved by all the Russians. It’s funny and rich for idioms and curious expressions at the same time! It has 3 parts, watch them all and choose the best for yourself!

Летучий Корабль

A touching story about true love made in the form of a curious cartoon. It’s also cool because of the dialogues and songs which will improve your listening skills. And an additional plus is that you’ll learn a more about ancient Russian culture from this cartoon!

Москва слезам не верит

This film was awarded with Oscar in 1981 as ‘The Best Movie’. The film can tell you more about USSR lifestyle, true feelings and obstacles that everyone meets on the life way. This is the story about a strong woman and her interesting life, and we’re sure, that it will touch you!

Кухня (series)

This is one of the best series of a modern Russia! Ridiculous scenes, fine actors, cool soundtracks won’t leave you cold! The series is more suitable for intermediate learners, as the dialogues may be quite complex. Anyway, it’s worth watching!

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