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Why are Russians so strange and curious?

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Foreigners believe that Russia is one of the most uncommon countries in the world. There’s definitely a piece of truth in these words. Russia has an unusual history, that’s why the national identity of the country is really outstanding, as well as people’s character and views. We want to tell you about the strangest things you may find in a behavior of Russians. Don’t be afraid — no mystics, just some curious facts! So, let’s begin!

1. Sitting down for a minute before heading on a trip

This is an old tradition, but most of Russian still follow it now. If you sit down for a while before leaving your house or hotel, etc., your road and flight will go perfectly! Russians believe in it and always sit for a minute to be sure that everything will go smoothly!

2. Congratulating one another on getting out of a shower or sauna

Have you ever noticed that Russians often say ‘S lyogkim parom!’? The origin of this phrase is still unclear, but there’re some suggestions about this. One of them is that the hottest place in a Russian bath is near a ceiling. A hot steam always goes rapidly from superheated stones to the top, so, people wish each other to feel this ‘light steam’. This is exactly what the phrase means!

3. Answering “how are you?” honestly and fully

And this is so true! When you ask Russians such a question, you’ll get a detailed answer, as they will tell a way more about their work, life, family. Sometimes, such a conversation may last for hours! When you ask this question, be ready to spend more time than you probably expected! 

4. Preparing way more food than is necessary for when friends come over

This is not a tradition, but a part of Russians’ mentality. And actually, Russians like to eat tasty food, especially when getting together with their friends! We believe, that this trait is not bad at all, at least nobody will be hungry after such a dinner!

5. Calling all females “girl”

Russians often joke about this, as sometimes situations may get to the point of absurdity. In fact, Russians just don’t want to offend women by calling them ‘woman’ instead of Russian ‘devushka’, an equivalent of ‘a young woman’. This is really funny, but these are Russian stands.

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