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Why Russia is a great internship destination?

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I am Zareta Terchoyeva, I come from Belgium and currently, I do an internship in Moscow.

In this article, I would like to share my experience and to write why Russia is a great internship destination.

When I had the opportunity to intern abroad, I do not have much hesitation before choosing Russia as the destination.

From the outset, my choice was motivated by the desire to develop my knowledge of the Russian language as well as Russian culture in general. Indeed, having Russian origins my choice was quite natural. Even though I live in Belgium since I was young, I remain very attached to this fascinating country.

As I did not know Moscow at all, before leaving Belgium, I did some research on Russia and its capital, Moscow, where I decided to do my internship. I spoke with people who have already lived this experience in Russia. The more I learned about the city, the more I was convinced of my choice and the more I was impatient to start my internship.

First at all, to do an internship in Russia is a possibility to travel in the largest country in the world, to discover a unique culture influenced by Europe and Asia, with its rich history and cultural heritage. We can find there renowned museums, famous theatres, ornate buildings and many world heritage sites.

As regards to population, Russia is a multinational and multicultural country and Moscow represents this aspect well. Here we can meet people from different parts of Russia, near or far, with their own culture and language. This is one of the wealth of the country.

Personally, I am quite familiar with Russian mentality by my origins and my volunteering as a Russian / French, French / Russian interpreter in Belgium and I can say that the mentality of the Russians differs from that of the Europeans, what makes its richness and its particularity. Therefore, on this point, it is not a discovery for me but this experience is an opportunity to rediscover these hospitable, open and kind people.

Regarding my place of internship, graduated with a Master’s degree in Law, I decided to stay in my area and to do an internship in a Law Company, and in this way to achieve knowledge in Russian Law. I am grateful to the Profintern team for understanding what I was looking for and for finding the company whose activity corresponds well to my interests. Thus, I have the opportunity to do an internship in a Russian consulting company that provides the highest quality services, next to the people differing in their professionalism.

From the first day, I was very well received by my colleagues and I am happy to be part of this team during the three months. Personally, this internship is a possibility for me to improve the knowledge of the Russian language and more particularly to enrich my professional and legal vocabulary while getting acquainted with Russian law. At the same time, I have the opportunity to practice my English, as it is one of the leading languages of the company. To conclude, do an internship in Russia is an opportunity to discover the largest country in the world with its rich history and cultural heritage and to meet the kind people from different regions of the country. To do an internship in Russia also offers the possibility to put into practice the knowledge acquired during studies while acquiring others in a different environment. Especially for me, graduated with a European degree in Law, this internship allows me to discover the other legal system with its particularity. And generally, Russia’s economic growth makes it an ideal destination, especially for business internships. It is a unique experience that makes you grow professionally as well as personally and that I recommend to live!

Author: our intern Zareta Terchoyeva, Belgium

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