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Winter leisure activities in Russia

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Winter is usually called “truly Russian season” and that’s for a very good reason! Oymyakon the coldest point in the world where temperature once reached the degree of – 77,8 C° is located in Russia. Every winter there’s so much snow in almost all the regions and especially in the Ural, Siberia and Central part of Russia. And how do Russians spend this cold but snowy and funny time? What are the favourite winter activities in Russia? Let’s find out!


This is truly Russian winter activity and probably the oldest! What winter can pass without sledding? Definitely not Russian. Sledding from hills has been very popular among children and their parents in all the corners of Russia since ancient times. Approximately since 9th-century sleigh had been being used as transport, and in some regions, it remained the most popular type of transporting up to 20th century! Now cars are used as a transport more often and sledding is just a way to spend winter days with fun.

Ice skating

Russian people appreciate this winter activity as well as sledding! Even in the times of Empire, when the activity started its spreading in the country, people skated on river ice all days long. Later, in the 20th century with the growth of cities ice rinks became artificial. Now in almost every town and city, you can find an ice rink, and in Moscow, there’re almost 200 of them!


It’s one of the most loved kinds of winter sport by Russians! Maybe the cause of this is there’re a few mountain ranges in our country. People choose to ski in Sochi, Ural, Dombay and many other places. What’s interesting: many ski complexes are located near cities where are actually no mountains! These are artificially built slopes and snowparks or natural hills which are not as high as real mountains. As Russians really love to ski, they often spend their weekends and holidays on ski resorts or such complexes.


And the last activity is going to bathhouse! Everyone will say that there’s nothing better than sitting in a bathhouse after a long day of skiing and will be right. During the times of ancient Russia in 9th -10th centuries bathhouse was used as “bath” in the modern sense. Now bathhouses are still popular among Russians who wants to feel relaxed and healthy. So, many people even build it near their houses to enjoy it anytime!

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